20 Hardscape Renovation Ideas for North and South Carolina

20 Hardscape Renovation Ideas for North and South Carolina

You may want to look at landscape renovation ideas for your North and South Carolina project for several reasons.

Are you ready for a change?

Do you have the backyard blues?

Maybe you want to enhance its curb appeal; revitalizing your landscape is always a wise investment. Or perhaps it’s time you created a place for your piece of Zen.

We’ve compiled a list that will inspire your creative ideas for your landscape renovation.

Top 20 Landscape Renovation Ideas


Given that the Carolinas are known for their unique climate and stunning natural scenery, it only makes sense to capitalize on these features and create a landscape design that complements the region’s beauty.

The possibilities of what you can design with your outdoor space are endless. Honestly, we could have made this list of 50 landscape renovation ideas. But let’s keep it simple today.

Here are 20 ideas to inspire you:

Landscape Renovation Idea #1: Go Native With Your Plants


picture of a crepe myrtle tree in myrtle beach sc

Incorporating plants that are native to the Carolinas is not only eco-friendly but also makes your landscape appear more natural and organic. Not to mention they will thrive when they are in a suitable climate. Some popular native plants include:

  • azaleas
  • dogwoods
  • crepe myrtles

The springtime here at the beach is breathtaking, with these flowering plants and trees. Azaleas are colorful and beautiful when in bloom. They can soften some of your hardscape features and bring that space to life!

Pass the camera, please!

According to Horticulture Magazine, keeping mosquitos away using lemongrass is an excellent idea for your patio or gardens. It also gives you some privacy as they are known to grow tall.

a picture of lemon grass growing on a lawn


Landscape Renovation Idea #2: Incorporate Outdoor Structures That Are Visually Appealing and Functional

What comes to mind when you hear the term “outdoor structures?” When we think of landscaping structures as a landscape renovation idea, maybe a few things come to mind, such as:

  • stone pavers
  • birdbaths
  • benches

Picture of a light blue bench surrounded by a flower garden with a fence in the background.


Yes, these elements can add an exciting part to your landscape design. Not only do they break up the space visually, but they also provide extra seating or gathering areas for outdoor activities.

There are more landscape structures for your outdoor space than you might think.

You are not limited to those ideas mentioned above! Keep reading about more structures you can build to improve your renovation.


Landscape Renovation Idea #3: Build a Pergola or Gazebo


picture of a brown and tan pergola with a table and chairs overlooking the water with homes behind it in Myrtle Beach

Pergolas are an excellent option for outdoor structures that offer style and functionality. These open-air structures provide shade yet allow sunlight to filter through, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

They can also be a focal point in your backyard, giving it an elegant touch.

Pass the wood, please!

Some pergolas even come with retractable canopies for added protection from the elements. You can make your pergola visually appealing by using different wood types or adding climbing plants like wisteria or jasmine that create a natural canopy look.

Choosing a flower with a sweet aroma adds an extra Zen touch to your space.

Gazebos are another option that is both visually appealing and functional. Gazebos offer protection from the sun and rain, making them the perfect spot to relax, entertain, or even dine.

A gazebo can be made of different materials like wood or metal, and it can be designed to match the style of your home. Gazebos are versatile, and you can add outdoor lighting or heaters to extend their functionality, making them a place to enjoy all year.

a picture of a gazebo built by Buddy's Services landscaping in Calabash NC


Landscape Renovation Idea #4: Add a Water Feature to Your Outdoor Landscape Renovation


a picture of a waterfall in a backyard with trees, green grass, and a pond for the water.

Adding a water feature to your landscape design can create a soothing oasis and attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. If you are a bird lover, this should be on your list.

The sound of running water has a calming effect on the mind.

Pass the pillow, please!

It can help your stress and anxiety at the end of a long day while improving the overall ambiance simultaneously. That’s a double bang for your buck! Besides soothing the soul, did you know that running water improves the air quality in your yard?

There are many types of water features to choose from, including;

  • fountains
  • ponds
  • waterfalls
  • streams

Fountains and ponds are the most common water features for residential properties. Fountains vary in size and design, from small tabletop to large outdoor fountains. The bigger, the better if your space allows for this.

rocks with water flowing down in to a pond with large orange gold fish

Ponds provide a natural habitat for fish and plants. You will naturally be mixing hardscape features in the design by using various materials, such as rocks, pebbles, pavers, or stone wall formations.


Landscape Renovation Idea #5: Create an Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace


Fire pits are one of the most famous structures for landscaping in the Carolinas. It’s perfect for those Carolina nights when the stars are bright, strumming on the ole guitar. Not to mention a cozy gathering place for friends and family.

Pass the s’mores, please!

picture of an outdoor fire pit on the lawn with chairs around it

Fire pits and fireplaces will also create another beautiful focal point. Down south we use them all year round as they also provide heat during chilly nights! 

And don’t forget about the ambiance of the flickering flames that takes your outdoor space to another level. Fire pits and fireplaces can be made from brick, stone, or metal and customized to fit your design preferences.

Depending on where you will be using it, you can have great-looking chairs wrapped around it, or if it is on your patio or a built-in, some elegant outdoor furniture would be a classy move.

picture of an outdoor patio grey in color with stone walls, couches and a table next to an outdoor built-in fireplace


Landscape Renovation Idea #6: Pop In Color by Building a Raised Flower Garden Bed


Picture of a raised flower bed on the side of a back yard lawn during a landscape renovation project. Flower colors are red, yellow, pink, white, and purple.

If you love to garden or want to start, a raised garden bed is the best way to add color to your landscaping. A raised garden bed should be treated like a painting. You want to make sure you have:

  • different colors that pop
  • multiple height levels
  • many layers
  • shading and shadowing
  • depth for a 3-D effect

This is what makes a lawn look like a work of art!

a picture of the front door of a home in Myrtle Beach with raised flower beds on each side of the entrance before you reach the deck that has a white fence.

Pass the paintbrush, please!

To achieve the look and feel of your raised garden bed, you will most likely want to add some greenery and find low-maintenance plants. It is a great way to add texture and accentuate the bullet points above.

Plant whatever you want: herbs, flowers, vegetables, or shrubs. Just make it your own. However, it is essential while making your decisions to pick species that will thrive in the size of your garden and climate.

pink, and purple flowers planted in a raised garden created with bricks and stone pavers. There is a white fence in the background.


Landscape Renovation Idea #7: Install Outdoor Lighting That Matches Your Homes Personality


Outdoor lighting can highlight your outdoor design and add ambiance to any part of your landscaping. They aren’t just for paths anymore.

From solar lights to spotlights and lanterns, various options are available.

Pass the lightbulbs, please!

A home in Calabash, north Carolina, has outdoor lighting on the house and under its landscaping features. There are different size trees, shrubs, and other colored plants and flowers.

If security is important to you, you can increase your home’s safety and use specific lighting options or a mix of outdoor light. Mixing light colors can give you a look right out of HGTV magazine. Not to mention the neighbors will be jealous!

Choosing outdoor lighting

You might be overwhelmed at first. There are an astronomical amount of types and styles to pick from.

So to avoid falling down a rabbit hole on Amazon for 5 hours, make a checklist of why you want the lighting, where you would like it to be placed, and your budget. This will help you can narrow down your search.

If you already have specific colors and textures in mind, that will help narrow your choices down even more.

Some of your options will include:

  • wall-mounted lights
  • pathway lights
  • outdoor sconces
  • post lamps

Each lighting option offers a unique style and design. You must decide if you want lighting fixtures based on their functionality or how your styles complement your home’s exterior. Or both!

Remember mixing light styles and colors at night yields impressive artistic results.

This should be fun, so get creative!

  1. highlight your home’s best features
  2. choose light fixtures that complement your home’s color scheme
  3. improve your home’s security and safety

Once you’ve identified which lights would work for your home, it is time to determine what lightbulbs will work best.

LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor lighting due to their long lifespans and energy efficiency. However, incandescent bulbs may be the way to go if you want a more classic look.

A picture of a home with several large windows with LED lighting in purple and blue inside. The colored light is reflecting onto the in-ground swimming pool


Landscape Renovation Idea #8: Create a Rock Garden


Rocks are cool! We all remember playing with them as kids. Some of us collected them, others painted them, but we’ve all skipped a few and probably still do. Before building, plan exactly how you want your rock garden to look.

Consider things like the size, shape, and location of your garden. Think about the kind of rock or rocks you want to use and how you envision it to look. Once you have a clear plan, it’s time to start building.

Pass the shovel, please!

A picture of a small rock garden on a lawn. Small blue rocks are on the bottom. Some succulent colored plants on top, with larger stones on top of that built by Buddy's Services Landscaping

So how do you choose the right rocks? When picking a suitable rock, choose one with color, texture, and size that will match the theme of your garden. Make sure you place larger stones at the base of the garden and smaller rocks on top for a natural, layered look.

If you are creating your rock garden around your flower beds, you should stick with neutral colors so it does not detract from the flower colors. Mixing and matching sizes and colors can be fun.

Many homeowners living in Myrtle Beach will often find beach rocks, shells, and treasures from the beach to add to their rock gardens.

Rock gardens are also:

  • low-maintenance
  • helpful in attracting birds
  • drought-tolerant
  • bring a unique texture and color

With the humidity in this area, proper drainage underneath your rock garden is essential for reducing mold and other toxins in your soil. Calling a professional if you are building a more extensive garden is best.


Landscape Renovation Idea #9: Adding a Patio Enclosure


a patio that has been enclosed with glass and a screen

Many people think of potted plants and some outdoor furniture for their patio. But adding a patio enclosure allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any climate. Also, you are adding additional square footage to your home, which will add value to your home.

Pass the hammer, please!

If you want to go this route, you have a few options for patio enclosures.

One popular and common choice is screened-in patios, mainly to keep the creepy bugs and other insects out!

If you want a more permanent and durable option, glass or sunroom enclosure panels are ideal. Glass enclosures offer the most unobstructed views, while sunroom enclosures provide extra insulation. This becomes another choice of functionality vs. beauty and, of course, your wallet.


Landscape Renovation Idea #10: Adding a Deck


Picture of a new wood deck. It has a wood floor and wood railings and is covered with a ceiling fan.

Adding a deck to your home can have many benefits beyond just enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. Who doesn’t love a great patio or wrap-around porch?

Pass the hammock, please!

Decks serve as an ideal space for outdoor living and entertainment. The most popular activities on a deck are:

  • hosting a barbecue
  • throwing a party
  • enjoying a quiet family dinner
  • sunbathing
  • relaxing views

Like the patio enclosure, a deck can also increase the value of your home by creating additional living space.

If a deck is in your budget, it’s a no-brainer. It is the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics, and, yes, some Zen, especially if you have an oceanfront or an ocean-view property in Myrtle Beach.

A picture of a wood deck with glass panels overlooking the ocean


Landscape Renovation Idea #11: Plant a Vegetable Garden


Growing our food and vegetables has become increasingly popular since the Covid pandemic and increased food inflation.

More people are looking to eat clean and would instead grow their produce rather than purchase it at a store where many nutrients are lost.

Pass the peppers, please!

Beyond the health benefits of growing a vegetable and herb garden are practical and add color and texture to your landscape. 

Again, it is essential to read the labels and find out how deep you will have to dig, what kind of light they will require to grow, how much water they need, and the best soil to grow them in so they stay alive and thrive.

The mix of herbs and the bright colors of the vegetables in your garden will be an attractive addition to your outdoor living space. Not to mention it will smell and taste great!

Landscape Renovation Idea #12: Planting Trees For Shade


Planting trees is an excellent idea for your renovation and a good deed for mother nature.

We know that trees will naturally add beauty to our environment. But we bet you will be surprised at the myriad benefits trees will provide in your yard.

A common reason for planting trees is for shade, especially in the south, where the humidity is 90 and the temperature is 90. If you can catch a slight breeze and sit in the shade, it makes it more enjoyable.

Pass the lawn chair, please!

Before running to Home Depot or your local nursery, you should consider the size and shape of the trees to ensure you get the maximum coverage you desire and where you will be planting.

The shade from trees also will help reduce energy consumption in the summer when they can cover the sunlight filtering into your home. Some other benefits include the following:

  • protection from harmful UV rays
  • reduces risk of skin damage and cancer
  • contributes to cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen

Don’t forget to consider the tree’s specific needs and the climate in your area. Some trees require lots of water, while others thrive in dry conditions. Choosing the right tree for your yard can help you avoid severe disasters in the future. Add Weeping Willows for that southern charm look. Beautiful!


Landscape Renovation Idea #13: Install Bamboo Fencing


Bamboo fencing is eco-friendly, affordable, and provides a unique texture to your landscape. Bamboo fencing is an excellent choice if you are looking to add a special touch to your backyard or garden.

Not only is bamboo fencing easy to install, but it is also a sustainable option.

Pass the Clippers, please!

Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world? Bamboo not only grows quickly, but it is also incredibly durable and weather-resistant. This will keep away the mold that grows on surfaces near wetlands, ponds, and the ocean.

Traditional fences can be tedious, and depending on the space’s ample, a bit is pricy.

Bamboo fencing gives you the same privacy as other fencing without removing your landscape’s beauty – it adds beauty!

Plus, bamboo produces oxygen throughout the day, helping to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yet another reason to love bamboo.

There are different types of bamboo. You will want to find Moso bamboo since it is the most commonly used type for fencing because it has a thick and sturdy culm (stem) and grows straight.

Measure the area where you plan to install the fence. Then you want to purchase enough panels and posts. When installing your bamboo fence, use galvanized wire to secure the panels to the bars and add a sealant layer to protect the bamboo from weathering.

Landscape Renovation Idea #14: Build a Backyard Shed


Backyard sheds are all the rave and a current trend for 2023. We are not talking about the types of sheds your grandparents built. Today modern-day sheds are used in several ways, such as:

  • She-Shed
  • Man Cave
  • Home Office
  • Art Studio
  • Studio Apartment

Sure, you can use your shed to store lawn supplies and yard maintenance tools, but aside from being organized, is it bringing joy to your life? Yes, the organization is essential, but consider these alternative uses for building a backyard shed.

Once you choose the right one for your backyard, don’t forget to consider a few factors, like your budget, size requirements, and overall aesthetic preference.

Once you have determined what kind of shed you would like to build, it is time to focus on how its constructed. Many backyard sheds are made with a wooden frame and pressure-treated wood siding. But you have many choices.

Some sheds come pre-fabricated and already cut to your specifications. They can be assembled on-site. However, please consult a professional before taking on this project to ensure it is leakproof and built to specific standards.

Landscape Renovation Idea #15: Build a Treehouse


A treehouse is fun for kids and adults alike and can provide a tranquil escape from everyday stresses. According to the American Heart Association, regular exercise can lower your chances of obesity and heart disease.

Kids with autism or mental health issues can benefit from exercise, fresh air, and play therapy.

Drop the rope, please!

Constructing a tree house is not as easy as it looks. First, you will need a large tree that has solid roots. Again, we recommend consulting with a professional landscaping company after you measure your space.


Landscape Renovation Idea #16: Add a Trellis


A backyard trellis is a structure that can add beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. You can choose from different types of frames depending on your preferences and needs. Here are a few of your options.

  • Lattice trellis:  This trellis type comprises a series of intersecting wooden slats to form a grid pattern.
  • Arched trellis: This trellis adds an elegant touch with its sweeping curves.
  • Wall-mounted trellis: This is affixed to the exterior of a building and is perfect for climbing plants or ivy.

You can’t go wrong, no matter which type of trellis you choose. It all depends on your style and what you want to grow.

A trellis adds height and texture to your landscape while providing a framework for vines and other climbing plants. It’s both decorative and functional, and we love that.

In addition, a trellis can help create privacy and provide shade in summer. Choose from wood, metal, or vinyl, depending on your budget and landscape vision. With a trellis, you can create a garden escape with an inviting feel that encourages activity and exploration. Use materials such as flagstone or brick to design a winding path around your landscape. Introduce curves, bumps, and corners to make it more interesting.

Landscape Renovation Idea #17: Build a Walking Path


A beautiful walkway in your backyard adds charm and scenic appeal to your property and helps you navigate it safely. Creating a walkway in your backyard also splits up your landscape by mixing and matching different softscape and hardscape features.

The first step is to measure the area where you want to create the walkway. This will help you determine the amount and type of materials you need and the ideal path for the walkway.

Think about the traffic flow in your backyard and whether you want straight or curved paths. If you’re unsure where to start, sketching some ideas can help you visualize what you want. Now it’s time to pick out your materials.

Popular materials for walkways include:

  • pavers
  • flagstone
  • bricks
  • concrete

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, pavers come in various sizes, colors, and textures. Flagstones provide a natural and rustic look.

Consider choosing materials that match the style and design of your home for a cohesive look.

Landscape Renovation Idea #18: Install an Outdoor Kitchen in the Southern Way


Calabash, NC, and Myrtle Beach, SC southerners are known for their BBQs. Ask anyone, and they will tell you there is no finer BBQ than in the Carolinas. And you will find a lot of outdoor kitchens that include appliances like a grill, stove, sink, and refrigerator.

It is also popular to see a cleaning station for fish. We do live in the seafood capital of the world!

Pass the entire pack of napkins, please!

Oh, that smell is so good.

Who doesn’t want an outdoor kitchen? Here are a few things you could do with one:

  • entertain
  • eat outside
  • have cookouts
  • enjoy family time

No matter your reason for wanting an outdoor kitchen, it’s an investment you won’t regret. The memories made will be priceless. If you want to make your outdoor kitchen a reality, consult with an expert landscaper so they can map out where you want it located, install it correctly, and do the masonry, framing, electrical, and plumbing work.



Landscape Renovation Idea #19: Build a Stone Wall or Retaining Wall


A stone wall separates different landscape areas while adding a natural element. A retaining wall can be used to keep soil and other materials in place, or behind it; you can add a sloping area for planting.

Both will require a professional with building techniques and using mortar to secure the stones.

Again, don’t forget about drainage. If your wall is in an area that sees a lot of rain or moisture, like here in the Carolinas, you’ll want to ensure that the stones are properly placed and sealed with mortar or cement so water doesn’t penetrate behind them and cause damage.

Consider what type of soil you have, how it affects the overall strength of the wall, as well as its general stability. A professional landscape contractor can further advise and guide you on these matters.

By taking the time to research your options, plan, and consult with an expert when necessary, you will feel confident knowing it has been done correctly, and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Landscape Renovation Idea #20: Create a Composting Area


Since our landscape renovation ideas revolve around plants, herbs, food, and flowers, we saved this as the last idea to keep everything growing luscious and healthy.

If you like sustainable living and a way to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to the environment, creating a composting area in your backyard is the solution.

A composting area is perfect for reducing waste and creating healthy soil for your plants.

Composting is a natural way to break down organic material and turn it into rich soil that nourishes your plants and vegetables. A composting area is perfect for reducing waste and creating healthy soil for your plants.


Essential things to keep in mind before you create your composting area


  1. Choosing the right location for your composting area is crucial.
  2. Look for an area that’s accessible and receives a good amount of sunlight.
  3. Ensure it’s not too close to your home or any other structures to avoid unpleasant odors.
  4. Make sure the area is flat and well-draining to prevent waterlogging.

Begin by collecting organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, and yard waste like leaves and grass clippings. It’s important to avoid adding meat, fish, dairy, or oily foods to your compost pile as they can attract pests and emit unpleasant odors.


In conclusion, renovating your landscape is a fantastic way to add value and beauty to your property. With these 20 landscape renovation ideas for North and South Carolina, you can create a unique, personalized design that enhances the region’s natural beauty. Whether you’re into gardening, relaxing, or entertaining, this list has something for everyone. So go ahead and explore these ideas and start creating a landscape you’ll love!

If you live in Brunswick County to Horry County, call Buddy’s Professional Landscaping. They come highly rated!

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