Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape lighting fixtures can make outdoor spaces beautiful and safe, especially around houses and businesses. Think of the last time you drove down the road and saw a place lit up.  Not for the Holidays. For every day. Indeed, these homes have a beautiful soft glow. Highlighting the architecture, walkways, gardens, trees, and other elements, we can’t help but stare. It can be enchanting if you have a great landscaping design company.

If you love to decorate and have an eye for design, this can be a thrilling project. Choosing the proper landscape lighting for your perfect vision will be the first step in creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors without the harsh glare of standard line-voltage lighting.

Landscape lighting fixtures enhance the area’s ambiance by providing gentle illumination. Here are the most common types of fixtures for you to choose from.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

The most common types of Landscape lighting fixtures are:

1. Spotlights

Spotlights are the most common type of landscape light. These highlight specific critical features throughout your landscape. Spotlights can highlight trees, shrubs, statues, and other architectural elements of your home or business. Crafted from solid brass, copper, or stainless steel, the lights are esthetic and have longevity. 

According to The Spruce, this is their number-one rated choice for landscape spotlights. Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights, [2 Pack]

Any spotlight with a 60-degree beam angle or wider is known as a flood light. These use large pools of light to illuminate broad areas with a single fixture.

2. Path lights

Path lights are often called guiding lights. They provide safety security and illuminate walkways and pathways to guide your path in the dark. Path lights project downward to light the ground, usually with a shade or glare cover to prevent excessive brightness from the light from getting into people’s eyes.

We have also used them in large flower beds to accentuate the color and ground vegetation. Outdoor path lights are easy to install, energy-efficient, and add a warm glow to your outdoor landscape.

The top-rated solar spotlight by Bob Villa is the Beau Jardin.

picture of solar spotlights for landscaping for purchase


3. Hardscape lights 

We use hardscape lighting to highlight specific architectural features when you need a low fixture. You can use just a few to light a minor area or combine them with other outdoor lighting fixtures, adding beauty and sophistication to the entire outdoor space. You have various styles and colors to choose from.

Hardscape lighting sets a romantic or elegant mood that will match your outdoor landscape.

Here are the best Hardscape lighting trends for 2023, according to Belguard.



a picture of a colored hardscape light for sale



In-ground Lighting

As the name suggests, these lights are suitable for situations where an up-lighting effect is desired, but the light source needs to be concealed or “in the ground.”  These stylish and sturdy lights cast bright light and are often placed in a pool area or yards. Some lights have a more extended base to go deeper in the ground, while others have a dome shape that can lay on the surface without digging deep holes in your lawn.

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Types of Lights Available For Landscaping Lighting Fixtures

When discussing the different kinds of landscape lighting fixtures, you have a few choices of what kind of lights you want to use. Consulting with a professional landscaper or landscape designer can be a great way to determine what type of lighting will work best for your particular needs. 

Here are some common types of lights available when it comes to landscaping lighting fixtures:

  • LED Lights – LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are a popular choice for outdoor lighting because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. 
  • Halogen Lights can be very bright and are best used for accent lighting. 
  • Fiber Optic Lights are great if you want to light up a vast space with the same light color. 
  • Solar Lights are becoming increasingly popular as they require no electricity and can be very energy-efficient. 
  • Incandescent Bulbs – These bulbs use energy and can create a warm glow. 
  • Spotlights and Floodlights are excellent for illuminating pathways or highlighting focal points in your garden. 


Landscape Lighting and the Environment

If you want to contribute to being environmentally friendly, you will want to research how the lighting is made. Low voltage and solar lights are at the top of the list. Depending on your design needs, there may be better options than these.

Because the geographical location of your home is a factor to consider when deciding the type of lighting you choose, it will depend on your design. Living in a cold, frigid environment versus a humid, high-heat tropical will play a role in your design and lighting choices. You want your landscape lighting to withstand the elements, or they will fail to create a safe atmosphere for you and your family.

Remember that lighting should be placed to minimize light pollution and preserve the natural environment.  You can use motion sensors and timers to turn lights on and off to lower energy costs. 

Additionally, check with your HOA and your local regulations regarding any restrictions that may apply before beginning your design process.


Contact Buddy’s Services LLC today to discuss how we can help you design and install landscape lighting for your home or business. Let’s improve your landscape’s look by working with our experienced team to help create something unique and beautiful. 




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