We all lead busy lives and need some help at times. Buddy’s Landscaping Services believes in helping customers who need a break. Don’t we all need and want that. We all need that. We offer landscaping services in Calabash, NC, and surrounding areas. Trusted, licensed, and insured. You can trust our team of professionals.


  • Landscape Renovations
  • Sod Installation
  • Paver Patios and Walkways
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Driveway and Pathway Maintenance
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance
  • Annual Planting
Outside paver walkway with green grass. Lovely landscaping and chairs with an umbrella in the back

Many of us are stressing out to the max on most days. When we come home from a long day of work, or even worse, we work from home and can’t leave; we want to be still. To unwind, relax, and get some peace of mind. And the last thing we want to do on the weekend and our days off is yard work.

Those days are set aside for family, friends, and downtime so we can enjoy what matters. And so far, no one has made that golden magic wand that takes care of everything! This means all the work involved in caring for our home is on us. Unless, of course, we ask for some help from our Buddy.

Sometimes the pursuit of happiness includes not lifting a finger at times. Imagine finally having a clean yard and driveway without lifting a finger! Buddy’s Landscaping services were created to help you take care of your home so you can relax and enjoy life. We are your magic wand. We are also a company you can trust. Picture yourself enjoying a cold drink on your porch, knowing everything outside your home is neat and adequately cared for. 


Our Landscaping Services


Lawn Maintenance

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Our Lawn maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance


Looking for a professional lawn maintenance service? We are happy to fulfill your needs. If you’re tired of paying too much for lousy service, give Buddy’s Services, LLC a call right now and put it in the hands of our experts.

Bed Maintenance


Your yard is one of the most noticeable elements of your house, which is why it adds so much to its overall value. Buddy’s Services, LLC provides reliable and high-quality solutions for landscape bed maintenance. 

Spring or Fall Clean Up

Seasonal Cleanup

Seasonal changes can have an impact on your landscaping. Debris, leaf litter, and other organic materials are more than just an eyesore. Buddy’s Services, LLC provides skilled cleanup services in both spring and fall



Lawn aeration performed in spring or fall can help promote a healthy lawn. Consider Buddy’s Services, LLC for your lawn aeration needs, and get one step closer to a spectacular-looking lawn!

Shrub service


Buddy’s landscaping services provides a variety of tree and shrub services. We develop a customized approach to provide your trees and shrubs with exactly what they need to flourish.

Irrigation maintenance


Maintaining a well-kept, healthy lawn and landscape requires a functional irrigation system. Buddy’s irrigation system maintenance program will ensure that your system is still in good working order.

Our Softscape Services

Shrub and Tree

Shrub and Tree

 Our team members are trained in proper planting techniques. Our experts will work with you to put together a beautiful, lush, and functional landscape.



Mulch can help with a number of things. It protects your soil, retains moisture and prevents weeds. If you are interested in mulching services – give Buddy’s a call! 

rock Mulching

Gravel Mulching

Rock mulch has the benefits of regular mulch, such as soil protection, but it can give your landscape a distinct appearance that adds to your curb appeal.

Seasonal plantings


Installing seasonal flowers on your landscape are a cost-effective way to add color to your flower beds. Contact Buddy’s to learn more about our seasonal flower services!

Landscape installations

Gardening Services

Planting perennials and shrubs, as Buddy’s is happy to do for you, can help keep your landscape looking beautiful and well-maintained!

artificial turf


Artificial grass is low-maintenance, water-free, and safe for kids and pets. Enjoy the results of a synthetic lawn job done by Buddy’s for your yard, patio, or deck.

Our Hardscape Services

paver installation


Concrete or stone pavers can take any landscape to the next level. With our fast turnaround time, you can count on us to promptly finish your next paving project.

Fire Pits

stone hardscape fire pit design

The perfect way to entertain your guests than building a custom fire pit in your backyard! We offer tips to help you get the best fire pit design to match your environment and lifestyle. 

Outdoor Kitchen


Who doesn’t love an outdoor kitchen? Our crew can include pizza ovens, sinks, wine fridges, and more to help create an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. 

paver Patios


Patios are the foundation of your outdoor living space, furniture arrangements, and everything else necessary to create your very own outdoor oasis! At Buddy’s, we can design and install a patio that will totally transform your backyard.

Wooden Decks

Like patios, decks are where you can create memories with your family and friends. If you want a custom-built deck for your home, Buddy’s is dedicated to providing the best outdoor living space design and installation

Walkways and Stairs

Walkway and Stairs using stone pavers

Walkways are one of the most important aspects of your property. They can help improve the appearance of your home, while also promoting safe passage around it. Choose Buddy’s Services for a eye-catching walkway or set of stairs.


Add-On Services



Just like turf grass, shrubs and small trees will benefit from the regular application of minerals and nutrients. This promotes healthy growth and vitality. Our tree and shrub fertilization service will help your plants green up and fill out!

Shrub Disease


There are a host of insects that can cause damage to your flowers, foliage, and even your trees. We’ll be sure to monitor your property for aphids, beetles, caterpillars, slugs, snails, and other obnoxious pests.



Brown and large patch disease can quickly ruin an otherwise healthy lawn. With our lawn and turf fungal treatment service, we can help stop the problem before it starts. Our team can treat brown patch when it pops up in your yard.

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