Landscaping Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

Landscaping Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

Have you been considering making improvements to your outdoor space? Or have you been considering solutions for your lawn care and maintenance throughout the year? Your curb in Myrtle Beach can look more appealing with extensive lawn maintenance and landscaping services. Buddy’s Services offers landscaping and lawn care services that will beautify your Myrtle Beach residential or commercial property. 

You can have a well-groomed lawn and beautiful landscape design and build. Keep reading to see how professional lawn care and landscaping services can improve the value and appeal of your property.


Expert services available for your lawn care, landscape design, and build in Myrtle Beach include the following:

  1. Yard maintenance and cleanups
  2. Aeration
  3. Hardscape installation services
  4. Tree and plant grooming services
  5. Exceptional grounds maintenance services, and much more.
A worker in a black shirt and khaki shorts uses a leaf blower to blow some leaves off of a driveway. You can see the white house in the background and many leaves flying throughout the photo.

Our Services in Myrtle Beach Sc

Lawn Care Services

Various lawn care and maintenance services are available to improve your Myrtle Beach lawn. You can access complete lawn care services, including weed control, leaf removal, soil fertilization, lawn mowing, pest control, weed control, and plant pruning.

Other professional services for your lawn include aeration, yard cleanups, irrigation services, sod installation, mulch, and overseeding. Our expert landscapers will make your property less of a burden to you through lawn maintenance services.

Landscape Services

Your outdoor space can be the ultimate with landscape and hardscape services. Our team will expertly install gorgeous hardscapes and landscapes that will transform your space. You can incorporate various elements in your outdoor space to give it the edge it deserves. These services include outdoor kitchens, landscape design, fire pits, walkways, patios, bed renovations, steps, fireplaces, and softscapes. 

Other aids to beautify your outdoor space include water features, driveways, pergolas, pavilions, grading, seating walls, retaining walls, and lighting. With the right landscapers, your landscaping desires and expectations will be fully met. Buddy’s Services is proud to provide it all!

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Your landscaping project will be successful with professional help. Trusted experts who have experience with landscaping projects in Myrtle Beach will help you get your landscaping done. There’s no better example of this than our team at Buddy’s Services! We have the professional and expert experience needed to take your Myrtle Beach outdoor space to the next level.

We can take your tired, old landscape and turn it into a remarkable oasis that is a sight to behold. Contact us today to start your outdoor space transformation project!

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