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Landscaping Contractor in Ocean Isle Beach NC

Our team at Buddy’s Services is proud to serve the town of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina and it’s residents. We are happy to provide our customers with the home improvement services they’re looking for.

Ocean Isle Beach is a small coastal town that is home to roughly 550 residents, located near the border with South Carolina. Ocean Isle Beach continues to charm many with its vacation homes, private homes, and other tourist attractions.

At Buddy’s Services, we are just minutes away from Ocean Isle Beach – our company is headquartered in Calabash! Not only do we know the locale, but we have delivered proven results to homeowners throughout the Brunswick County area.

If you are a resident of Ocean Isle Beach, and are looking to make major improvements to your home – consider us here at Buddy’s Services for your next project. All it takes is one phone call at (843) 593-6715, or, you can read about other methods of contact here. Feel free to visit us in person at 284 B Koolabrew Dr. NW, Calabash, NC, 28467. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Our team knows how important landscaping is to a home. Not only is it important to the health of a home, but it can also generate massive curb appeal. That’s why Buddy’s Services continues to deliver outstanding landscaping results to homeowners across Brunswick County and beyond.

Softscape vs. Hardscape – Why Not Both?

Softscape and hardscape are arguably the two most important categories of landscaping.

Softscape points to working with softer, supple items such as plants, shrubbery, flowers and trees.

Hardscape refers to working with harder materials such as concrete, brick, stone and wood.

Most homeowners would agree that a fair balance between softscape and hardscape is the key to a beautiful, complete landscape. Thankfully, our team at Buddy’s Services is well-versed in both!

Are you looking for your brick walkway to be repaired? Have you found your plants and shrubbery to be overpowering in your landscape? Whatever the case may be, pick up the phone and call us at (843) 593-6715.

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You can count on us here at Buddy’s Services to get the job done right and in a professional manner. Consider Buddy’s Services to keep your landscape fresh and beautiful all year round.

Past customers have raved about our services – see why so many have chosen Buddy’s Services for their landscaping needs! Or, if you would like to see for yourself, take a look at our company portfolio here!:

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