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Looking for Landscaping in Oak Island NC? We’ve got you covered!

Buddy’s Services is proud to offer quality home improvement work to the residents of Oak Island NC!

A town of over 7,000, Oak Island is a part of Brunswick County and is home to scenic beaches, among other natural beauty, including walkable trails that protrude from The Oak Island Nature Center. Headquartered in Calabash, less than an hour from Oak Island, Buddy’s Services LLC has been local to Brunswick County since its very inception and has an exceptional grasp of the area.

When it comes to home improvement in Oak Island NC, look no further than us here at Buddy’s Services LLC, as we offer a number of services that are sure to take your home to the next level. 

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Landscaping is arguably the most important ingredient to a spectacular-looking home. Our expert team here at Buddy’s Services can deliver impressive landscaping results for you and your family. We are just a call away at (843) 593-6715, or, if you prefer, read more about other ways to contact us here. You can also visit us in person at 284 B Koolabrew Dr. NW, Calabash, NC, 28467. However you plan to reach out – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Softscape vs. Hardscape – We Do Both!

Two essential categories of landscaping are softscape and hardscape.

Beginning with softscape, as you may assume, this refers to working with softer, more delicate items, such as flowers, shrubbery, trees, and succulent plants.

On the other hand, hardscape refers to working with, well, harder items, such as concrete, stone, brick, and wood.

A healthy balance between the two is favorable, particularly when developing the ideal landscape for your home. Fortunately, our expert team at Buddy’s Services has experience with both softscape and hardscape, sure to create stunning visuals all around.

Why Hire Buddy’s Services?

Whether it’s softscape or hardscape, you can count on us here at Buddy’s Services to get the job done right and in a professional manner. Our experienced craftsmen have completed the likes of harvesting, weeding, fertilizing, gardening, lawn care, and more! For seasonal maintenance, too, consider Buddy’s Services to keep your landscape fresh and beautiful all year round.

Past customers have raved about our services – see why so many have chosen Buddy’s Services for their landscaping needs! Or, if you would like to see for yourself, take a look at our company portfolio here!

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