Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

Perhaps more than any other element, your lawn is the key to an awesome-looking property. Arguably, there are few things more visually appealing than a beautifully kept lawn. So, with a great-looking lawn comes great care – which is important for homeowners to take. If you’re looking to make your landscape shine, keep reading for helpful tips on how to make your lawn become the envy of the neighborhood.

To Avoid: Scalping

First and foremost, the most important thing to avoid is scalping. As the name would suggest, scalping is when you cut your grass too short, leaving a noticeable, almost bald spot on your lawn. Not only does it look unflattering, but scalped grass can give way to weeds, diseases, and other unwelcome guests. You can stop weeds right at the source by avoiding scalping and cutting your grass down to a reasonable height.

To Do: Adjust Your Mower’s Height

To piggyback off of the previous point: want to know a surefire way to avoid scalping? Adjusting your lawnmower’s height! Depending on the height of your grass – and what season it is – adjusting your mower’s height is always a smart idea. If you want to let your grass grow a little bit longer, you can adjust your mower’s height to a higher setting, to just slightly trim the grass.

To Do: Mow Your Grass When It’s Dry

Most agree that it is best to mow your lawn when it is dry. Why? It holds a number of benefits over mowing your lawn when it is wet. When you mow wet grass, your mower deck is at risk of being clogged. In addition to this, wet grass can easily form clumps and clusters, so when your mower goes over them, it can lead to visible unevenness in your lawn. Finally, by mowing your lawn when it is wet, you may inadvertently kill your own grass – which is never a favorable circumstance. Overall, for homeowners, lawn mowing is best done when it is dry.

To Do: Adopt a Mowing Pattern!

Looks are quite important when it comes to landscaping, so it’s smart to adhere to a mowing pattern. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, like the jobs done in professional baseball stadiums, but a simple pattern can go a long way, creating a great visual from the backyard to the curb!

Looking for Lawn Care?

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